Mar 22, 2023

Temple Electric Supply’s New Website!

We are happy to announce that National Wholesale Supply’s electrical parts, supplies, and equipment division, Temple Electric Supply, has launched their new website.  The new website highlights the important vendor partnerships forged in the industry and is focused on providing our customers with information on the types of products and services offered by Temple Electric Supply.

Please take a moment to check out the new website at  The team at Temple is excited for the website launch and will use it to promote our industry leading service to our current and prospective customers and vendors.

Temple Electric Supply was founded in the late 1950’s in Mesquite, Texas.  Temple became an integral supplier of material and equipment throughout North Texas for generations and became the go-to supplier of the top contractors throughout the commercial, residential, and industrial market segments.

In September of 2021, National Wholesale Supply acquired Temple Electric Supply as a strategic investment to service the growing product diversity displayed by its customer base. This has allowed Temple Electric to expand operations throughout Texas.  As of today, Temple now has three locations and is exploring other opportunities to open branches throughout the South-Central region.  For decades, Temple has worked diligently to make sure they have the material customers need, when they need it, and with service that is second to none in our industry.

At Temple we take Pride in our Historic Past and Powering the Innovative Future!