Sep 22, 2022

Meet Harry Hayes!

National Wholesale Supply is proud of our employees and the impact they have with our customers, co-workers, and vendors throughout our organization.  This month’s Employee Spotlight is shining on Harry Hayes.

Harry is the Warehouse Lead at our Dallas Branch and has been an employee with us for the past 16 Years.  He went to Skyline High School in Dallas, lives in Arlington, and has been happily married to his wife, Kimberlee, for 16 years.  Harry has two children and has a passion to serve in his community.  He loves watching sports, reading self-improvement books, and he and Kimberlee have helped feed the homeless in D/FW for the past 14 years through the Jesus is Lord Ministry in Fort Worth.

We sat down with Harry to get his perspective on being a veteran employee at NWS and to learn more about his passions at work and at home.

How did you find out about NWS and what factors led you to join the company?

I was working at a temp agency and received a call saying they needed some help at the Dallas location. I was out running errands when I got the call and told them I’d be there that afternoon. Within just a few minutes of the call, I got a flat tire and had to quickly change it out, finish my errands, and make it out to the Dallas Branch for my first day of work. My role as a temp employee for the first month was to help pour the concrete on the old PVC barn in the back of the yard. It was a tough job, but very rewarding knowing that I helped build a part of the Branch.

What led to you becoming a full-time employee?

I worked as a temp for about 5 months and one day Randy Meyer with our Hot Water division was looking for someone that could weld…well I had my welding certification and Randy hired me on the spot. I spent the next few years making between 5,000 and 10,000 water heater stands and the rest is history!

What is one of the biggest changes you’ve seen since joining NWS?

When I joined the company there were only 6 branches. I love seeing us grow and expand while still retaining the roots of who we are. We ran a shuttle back then sharing material around the market and to this day I still organize and pull material for our shuttle. Many things have changed, but a lot has also stayed the same. We still help each other out and work together to take care of our customers.

What have you enjoyed about working at NWS all these years?

The leadership cares about us. Ryan, my Branch Manager, is a hands-on leader and a team player. He jumps in and serves with us when we need a hand or when there is work to get done. Charlie, our President, has always been a fair man of integrity. He represents the company very well and gives us all opportunities to work hard and take care of each other. This is a great place to be and I enjoy working for Charlie and Ryan.

What would you say to a prospective candidate who is considering joining our team at NWS?

Go for it! Get involved! We are a great team and we will welcome you with open arms. I recommend you check us out and join our organization. We are always looking for new people and have lots of work to keep you busy.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I love working for the company and have a great team in the warehouse. I look forward to continuing to serve our internal and external customers by getting their products out on time. I want to see NWS continue to grow and be successful at all our Branches. I feel that “The Future is Bright Working at National!”

Thank you, Harry!

Harry is an incredible resource for us at National Wholesale Supply and we are grateful for his many years of service and his dedication to his co-workers and customers. His Branch Manager, Ryan Feuge, said that “Harry is the definition of what hard work looks and sounds like. He is an absolute pleasure to work with… always bringing a positive and ‘will get it done’ attitude to work each & every day. Harry is an example of the past and future success of National Wholesale Supply, and what makes our organization such a great place to work”.

We wish Harry continued success at National Wholesale Supply and he is a perfect representative of the Core Values that drive us at NWS: Culture, Competency, Character, and Customer Service!