Jun 20, 2023

Innovation Spotlight: The Deliver App!

At National Wholesale Supply we take great pride in our ability to serve our customers above and beyond their needs.  Delivering product is one of many ways that we strive to achieve customer satisfaction.  For many years we have delivered to jobsites, workshops, and anywhere else a customer requests.  We are happy to announce that we continue to take steps to innovate and improve our delivery service by incorporating a new delivery app to our delivery process.

The new internal application is appropriately called Deliver and has been rolled out at over 60% of our branches, with the goal of full implementation by the end of the year.  The Deliver app allows NWS to have important information about each delivery at our fingertips. By using a tablet running the Deliver app, we can provide information such as pictures of where the material was placed at the jobsite, the signature of the person who accepted the material, the time that the delivery was made, and the route that the driver took before and after each delivery. This innovation has automated processes at NWS and significantly reduced the delivery time to our customer base.

The Deliver app not only streamlines NWS processes, but also provides benefits to our customers. When our driver leaves the warehouse to make deliveries, they use the Deliver app on a tablet to see each stop they will be making and utilize the maps to navigate them to the correct address on the order. Upon delivering the product to a location, the driver is prompted to finalize the delivery with a two-step process.

The first step is to take as many pictures as necessary of the material being delivered, as well as a picture of the address or a clear view of where the material was left. The second step is to capture an electronic signature from the customer as well as typing in the customer’s name in case the signature is not clearly legible. This helps our customers by providing clear proof of delivery, and if needed we can review the images if any questions or issues arise. These images are instantly attached to the order in our system so that anyone at NWS can access them to provide feedback to our customers in a timely manner.

Below are some initial Key Statistics from the Roll-Out of the Deliver App:

  • The application is in use at 27 branch locations.
  • Their are currently 73 National Wholesale Supply and Temple Electric Supply fleet vehicles utilizing the Deliver App.
  • Over the last 6-months, NWS is averaging 217 stops per day utilizing the Deliver App.
  • Over the last 6-months, NWS is averaging 3,696 miles driven per day utilizing the Deliver App.

Upon completion of the scheduled deliveries and the driver returning to their home warehouse, all tickets included in the deliveries are automatically invoiced to the customer.  This saves our employees time by removing several steps in the invoicing process and allows our employees to spend more time serving customer needs.  The customer also benefits from receiving an accurate and timely invoice statement.

Another benefit is the ability to track where each driver is at anytime and to see what deliveries have been completed.  We can provide quick and accurate timeframes to customers regarding their upcoming deliveries.  In the near future, we expect to roll out an automated text messages system within the Deliver app to each jobsite contact.

At National, we are actively streamlining the delivery process, thus improving our ability to communicate the timing and meet our customer’s product needs each day.  We want to make material delivery to your jobsite the least of your worries!  We take pride in customer service and are actively working to find effective ways we can make daily tasks go smoother.  Our focus is improving our customers’ experience by letting our professionals handle all your material needs.

In a world of ever-increasing technology, NWS is taking steps to utilize innovations to provide the highest levels of customer service that our customers deserve!

By: Jessica Clowers, Jade Whittington, and Jesse Rakestraw